super g

Super G 150-48"

Designed for collecting large areas

Thanks to the internally 150-cm wide picker, it allows harvesting of sown tomatoes even in 60-70-80-cm bines. The size of the conveyor belts, the perfect arrangement of the weights and the great visibility of all working parts allow an hourly harvest of 80 tons.




Pick-up has an inside width of 150 cms. And possibility to adjust vine-shields at 150, 170 and 190 cms., allowing harvcst of tomatoes planted in double tows at 60-70-80 cms. Low incidence angle between pick-up and soil reduces dirt loading and simplifies machine driving also in wet conditions.It’s equipped of powered metale rollers, hydraulic weight control and fingers automatic stop, Single or double discs pick-up available too.


It can be mounted just with the lateral electronic dirt sorter 32”. It is mainly used on “beds” cultivation.


It can be mounted just with the lateral electronic dirt sorter 32”. It is mainly used on “beds” cultivation. The contemporary harvest of two beds reduce by 50% manouvres time and allows to the machine to work always on “clean field”.


Large 150 cms. too, with 3 biggers counterweights and new feeding rubber roller spositioning; no problems with weed or dirt and shaking capacity over 80 tons/hour.
As usual it’s maintenance free, reliable and noiseless.


Increased in air power and hydraulic power, it has now 3 air intake; it grants uniform air flow and perfect cleaning of tomatoes. A new flat roller positioned on transversal belt eliminates now also last small leaves.


The flap-less incline feeding chain before the electronic sorters grants perfect flat belt feeding in all working conditions. It has a great fruits transport capacity, it doesn’t damage tomatoes and it doesn’t get dirt with mud as traditional flaps incline chaine do. It’s also possible to change speed and angle of the chain to improve fruits transport capacity.


Feeded by flat PVC belts large 125 cms. at a speed of 65 mts/minute, can sort high quantity of fruits with best precision. Completely reviewed in hardware and new software , coupled to a high quality reject assembly with 20 mms. Cylinders, it a state-of-the-art infruit sorting. All information, including harvesting speed and harvested surface, are shown on the driver’s console.


It’s large 125 cms. without renstrictions, granting a maximum capacity in all conditions. The sun cover and the adjustable platform grants a good working area to labour people for sorting.


Rubber flights with increased height, with double hydraulic articulation, inside width of 96 cms. has an incredibly high capacity. Located just rear driver allows a perfect visibility and also gives “depth sense” of the side staying truck. It is at adjustable speed with independent stop.


In central lower and advanced position, gives perfect visibility of the pick-up and of the bulk elevator. Driver controls the entire machine through the all-in-one-hand joystick. The wide cabine has air conditioning, Hi-fi, refrigerator and 4 cameras positionable in different places. It is mounted on 4 silent-blocks, independent from machine chassis: no more noise and vibrations.


The steel tubular chassis has the well-known robustiness of all Guaresi machines. A perfect weights distributions granted also by the 50 cms. hydraulic lateral translation gives perfect stability in all working conditions. The entire machine is higher in comparison to standard harvesters to keep the machine cleaner and semplufy maintance and cleaning operations.


Moved by an independent hydraulic pump it has a very low power absorption an grants a perfect vines cutting, simplifying all post-harvest operations.


Automatic greasing system


FrameIn tubular steel structure
  • Max. length [m]: 11,51
  • Max. height [m]: 3,67
  • Steering radius on the road [m]: 5,30
  • Steering radius at work [m]: 4,00
  • Max width [m]: 3,55
  • Pitch [m]: 2,75
  • Weight [kg]: 12.000
  • Track gauge [m]: 1,66
  • FPT (Fiat Power Train) NEF N67ENT TIER, 6 cylinders, turbo intercooler, EXTRA EU TIER 3 175 kW (238 HP) / EU TIER 4B 165 kW (225 HP)
  • Working rate [rpm] min.1800 – max 2000
  • High pressure hydrostatic Sauer-Danfoss
  • pump: 75 cc variable capacity
  • motor: 80 cc variable capacity
GearsWith 2 electro-hydraulically controlled mechanical ratios
  • 1st work speed (slow): 0 – 6 [km/h]
  • 2nd work speed (fast): 0 – 9 [km/h]
  • 3rd driving speed (slow): 0 – 16 [km/h]
  • 4th driving speed (fast): 0 – 27 [km/h]
Tyresfront and rear: 500/60-22,5 (other size are optional)
AxlesHurth hub with 8 stud bolts and 4 crown wheels
Steering systemSauer-Danfoss hydrostatic
Parking brakeHydraulic with oil bath disk on front and rear axle
Stationary brakeWith disk on the drive transmission
Electric system12 [Volt]
Hydraulic system
  • no. indipendents lines:9-10
  • Sauer-Danfoss hydraulic pumps
  • Sauer-Danfoss hydraulic motors
  • Bucher Hydraulics electro-distributors
  • Coupler: 3 connectors
Dimensions of operational components
  • Variable width of harvesting tips [cm]: 150-170-190
  • Header width [cm]: 150 (optional L=120)
  • Shaking chamber width [cm]: 150
  • Width of sorter feeding belt [cm]: 125
  • Width of manual sorting belt [cm]: 125
  • Width of discharge belt [cm]: 96
  • Max. discharge height [cm]: 400
  • Microprocessor type sorter: 48”
  • Cylinderd diameter 20 [mm] / stroke 25 [mm] (Bimba)
  • Working pressure: 3,5 [bar]
  • Box solenoid valves (Mac)
  • Max speed of sorter feeding belt: 70 [m/min]
  • Sorter fingers speed: 35 [strokes/sec]
Max. harvesting capacity80 [ton/hour]





Super G 150-48”


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