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We have - always - specialised in the design and manufacture of harvesting machines:

we chose to do one thing, to become the best in the world. And we have succeeded.

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We see corporate sustainability as an element of growth and culture within the company and outside the company. We have increased the number of harvesting machines equipped with low-emission engines, compliant with the European regulation for diesel engines "NRMM regulation 2016/1628" better known as Stage V, which will therefore allow better performance in the field by significantly decreasing the level of emissions into the air, in particular nitrogen oxides (NOx) to a maximum of 0.4 g/kWh and particulate matter (PM) from 0.025 g/kWh to 0.015 g/kWh. The work of GUARESI harvesting machines enters into that sphere of farm sustainability linked to the productive, qualitative, economic and social advantages typical of the mechanisation process that has characterised the agricultural world for decades. In particular, thanks to their performance, GUARESI machines have made inroads into the typical tomato harvesting areas in and outside Italy, areas that in past years have proved to be highly concentrated with illegal, underpaid and highly exploitative labour from outside Europe. Here we are proud not only to have relieved the work of the farmer but also to have participated in dismantling the exploitation of labour in the fields.


Guaresi machines are manufactured in the factories in Pilastri di Ferrara, 10,000 square metres dedicated to the production of the most modern and reliable harvesting machines. The most advanced 3D systems available today, continuous research aimed at improving product functionality, the choice of the best components on the world market, tireless experimentation and testing: our designers know only one way, that of the highest possible quality. And the results, you can see.


In symbiosis with advanced and efficient industrial production processes, it is the craftsmanship we put into the production of every single detail that makes the difference. And the credit goes to our staff, qualified, empowered and continually updated. Before being delivered to the customer, each Guaresi harvester undergoes a meticulous verification and testing phase that guarantees compliance with all quality parameters, full compliance with homologation criteria, safety standards, and the functionality of every single component. One Guaresi is forever.


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