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Guaresi history

Guaresi Spa, tomato harvesters makers for 90 years

Cavaliere Idalgo Guaresi filed his first patent and gave life - still at a craftsman's level - to what would later become GUARESI S.p.A., world leader in the production of tomato harvesters for industry... and not only. The first Guaresi machine is a pit seeder.





1932 - 1969
GUARESI develops agricultural machinery ranging from sowing to soil preparation.


The product range focuses on beet harvesting machines.


1984 esce la G84
The progenitor, a simple and reliable machine, sold in more than 350 units.


1985 viene lanciata la G85
The first self-propelled, robust and manoeuvrable machine, sold in over 250 units.


A new era begins with the presentation of the G89: this model introduces the automatic opto-electronic sorter and the vibrating ray shaker, later also fitted to the trailed G91 (designed for small plots of land) and the self-propelled G92, the compact derivative of the G85.


2010 SUPER G
The "SuperGuaresi" is presented in 2010; improved in all its components, it immediately establishes itself as the nºl in the world and exported worldwide.

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