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Kit G PepPer

A Kit to meet the needs of the peppers in open field growers.

Guaresi S.p.A thanks to the big experience as manufacturer of harvesting machines, is now introducing G PepPer kit, to meet the needs of the peppers in open field growers.
The great commitment by the engineers of the technical office of Guaresi S.p.A., in the search for innovative solutions, to overcome the high costs of manual harvesting of the pepper, has brought new mechanical solutions applicable to the Guaresi G 89/93 an d Super G. harvesters.

These solutions, used in the field, were appreciated for the large quantity, quality and cleaning of the product, obtaining the approval of the processing industries. The G PepPer kit thus allows transforming the Guaresi harvesters into performing peppers harvesters and not only; it con also be used for the collection of SEED CUCUMBERS, RED BEETS, ONIONS and other vegetables.






Kit G PepPer


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