Tomato Sniper


The new technologically advanced electronic sorter

  • New The new technologically advanced ”Tomato Sniper” electronic sorter boasts numerous innovative features and is the upshot of careful optical technology research and development.Super Leds with greater light intensity, designed and made specifically for application on the “Tomato Sniper” sorter.
  • New protective Telescopes provide more accurate object identification and are completely unaffected by sun glare.
  • New “pre-set” keys for direct access to 4 pre-set programs.
  • New hardware with new more powerful and faster microchips.
  • New software which can be personalized by the operator according to need, with own “individual” setting storage option.
  • Software updating via PC ensures a constantly updated sorter with latest software version.
  • Control panel for controlling three sorters at the same time, featuring speedometer, hectare counter and malfunction alarm.

These innovative features endow the sorter with high ejection precision and utmost sorting efficiency. Thanks to the precise and powerful vision system, the operator can work in any daylight condition and also when the tomatoes are wet. This new device is able to correctly distinguish green tomatoes as well as clods of earth and stones.
The ejection box features large-diameter pneumatic actuators (20 mm) supplied with air lubricated at low pressure (4 Bar). The cylinders are barely stressed and therefore long-lasting; the solenoid valves are faster thanks to their special “box” design and their performance remains constant for years.
Built using the very best available component parts, the “Tomato Sniper” sorter ensures sorting consistency and enduring reliability.




Tomato Sniper EVO electronic sorter with feeding system patented. The system always guarantees perfect filling of the feeding belt and automatically adjusts the distance of the pneumatic box (Fingers) from the falling tomatoes, drastically reducing the loss of red tomatoes and increasing the productivity of the machine (speed of the feeding belt up to 75 m / min.)


Electronic box technical data

Reading field [mm]
  • 609 (dimension 24”)
  • 813 (dimension 32”)
  • 1016 (dimension 40”)
  • 1219 (dimension 48”)
Width [mm]140
Height [mm]225
Length [mm]
  • 680 (dimension 24”)
  • 880 (dimension 32”)
  • 880 (dimension 40”)
  • 1290 (dimension 48”)
Supply (Vdc)Vmin 9 – Vmax 18
Protection gradeIP 66
  • Stainless steel
  • Free from radiofrequency noises
DisplayGraphic 240 x 128 dot backlighted
Function temperature-5 / + 60 [°C]


Reject Box technical data

Pneumatic supplyLubrificated air
Air pressure [Bar]4
Max air consumption [l/min]
  • 180 (dimension 24”)
  • 240 (dimension 32”)
  • 300 (dimension 40”)
  • 360 (dimension 48”)
Pneumatic cylindersBore 20 [mm] stroke 25 [mm]
Pneumatic electro-valvesDirect solenoid 3 way balanced popped valve
Max reject frequency [shot/sec]35
Selection capacity [tomatoes/sec]
  • 260 (dimension 24”)
  • 345 (dimension 32”)
  • 430 (dimension 40”)
  • 515 (dimension 48”)
 Max belt speed [m/min]70


Shipping box dimensions

Width [cm]44
Height [cm]52
Length [cm]
  • 82 (dimension 24”)
  • 102 (dimension 32”)
  • 122 (dimension 40”)
  • 142 (dimension 48”)
Weight [kg]
  • 55 (dimension 24”)
  • 70 (dimension 32”)
  • 85 (dimension 40”)
  • 105 (dimension 48”)




Tomato Sniper


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